class timetable

Public Yogipod yoga classes in Oxfordshire, Kent and online. Come and discover your yoga practice – making shapes, breathing and playing.

I teach a variety of styles with varying focuses but all grounded in exploring how you feel.

Want to know a little more though? These are the styles of yoga I teach and where you can currently find them

Hatha Flow

Hatha flow includes fluid movements and static holds of asana (poses) in order to build strength and mobility in the body and provide a focus for your minds. Focusing on the traditions of hatha yoga this class will incorporate movement, breath and meditation to relax and challenge the body and mind. This class will be fun, there is always space for playing, trying something new and laughter

Saturday Morning – 9:30am – The Yoga Barnin studio & online

Gentle Yoga

A gentle flow through yoga postures focusing on the balance of strength and flexibility. This practice will help bring your awareness inwards as we focus on how the body feels. As well as postures we will explore other elements of yoga including breathwork and mindfulness meditation

Friday Morning – 10:30am – Online

Vinyasa Flow

Moving with the breath to create some fluidity and heat to the practice. We find pauses in some postures, focusing on the breath and building strength. Although there can be dynamic movement within the class there are always modifications available. There is always space for playing, balance, trying something new and laughter.

Friday Evening – 6pm – Online

Morning Movement

Morning movement to get your body moving and to wake your mind up. Some flowing, some wriggling, some holds, lots of breathing. A lovely way to wake the body up we often finish with a breathwork practice or a guided meditation to start your day just right

Tuesday Morning – 8am – Online

About my yoga teaching

I, Georgie, believe yoga is all about embracing yourself and learning how to use your body in entirely new ways. The style of yoga I teach is a welcoming, inclusive place of fun and experimentation. I love having fun on my mat and trying new things (even if I fall out of them) and this is how I teach. Remember we’re all on a yoga journey and we never stop learning.

I came to yoga from an unsporty background and so hope Yogipod classes are welcoming, playful, challenging but relaxing and all about evolving your body and your mind.

Modifications will always be offered as we need to listen to our own bodies and work with how they feel on that particular day. I provide guidance rather than instructions, allowing you to explore what feels good. This gives us all a chance to progress with our own practice at our own pace on that particular day.

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