Side Stretch Flow – Feeling a little achy and stuck in your body? Side stretches are one of the loveliest ways to open the body and reenergise? We spend so much of our lives moving in one plane of the body (forwards and backwards) that moving into the ribcage and waist can immediately make us feel better. Add some shoulder work and fingers crossed you’ll feel great after this flow!

Building some heat – Vinyasa Flow – How about trying this ladder type flow which gradually adds to a sun salutation format, building some heat to wake the body and mind up. The speed and poses gradually build so may not be suitable for total beginners. Anyone who has been to a couple of classes though should be fine. As ever listen to your body and do what feels good for you

Grounding Moon Flow – Based on the moon salutation this juicy grounding flow is perfect for an evening practice. Bringing the energy down, lengthening and stretching the body. Perfect for that new moon energy which can feel a little more frenetic and unsettled

Eagle Vinyasa Flow – 30 minute yoga flow – A flowy vinyasa class for you today. Focusing on balance and yet ease within those postures, we build some strength and heat as we work towards eagle pose or garudasana