Slow Consumption

Yogipod is founded on slow consumption. The idea that you buy something you truly love and it’ll last forever. Obviously we love repeat customers but truly hope that every product on the site is made to last.

A lot of care, skill and love goes into every part of manufacture and by purchasing you are helping to support artisans in the Jaipur region of Rajasthan. It’s these artisans that hand carve the blocks for the prints, hand print the designs and hand embroider the throws. Handmade. Slow. Beautiful

Sustainable Manufacturing

As all products are made by hand by myself, Georgie, I can be as sustainable as possible in how they are made.

  • Lay planning and cutting out of pattern pieces is carefully planned to minimise waste
  • Any “waste” offcuts are either composted, made into the Zero Waste Pouches or used to attach the affirmation swing tags to your purchase
  • The sewing thread used is made from recycled polyester
  • The buckwheat hulls that are used are actually a waste product from buckwheat production and are all organic and produced in the UK

Packaging and Delivery

When packaging and delivering your products we try to be as gentle to the planet as possible while also protecting your purchases

  • Mailing bags derived from sugar cane are used for small items. These are reusable as well as recyclable and carbon neutral
  • Paper mailing bags are used for larger items . These are fully recyclable and made from renewable resources
  • Any packing tape used is paper tape
  • Tissue paper used is recycled which is why it’s sometimes a little grey!
  • Wherever possible we use a carbon offset delivery courier. All large items are currently sent carbon neutrally with UPS. Smaller items are sent via Royal Mail and are not currently offset although this is in the pipeline.

Every Order Plants a Tree

Working alongside Treesisters every single product order that is made with Yogipod plants a tree.

Tree Sisters is an organisation that not only focuses on reforesting the planet but education too. Their mission is:

“To rapidly accelerate tropical reforestation by inspiring and channelling women’s Nature Based Feminine Leadership into global action”

They focus on empowering women in communities to take the lead in reforestation programmes and ecological actions in their own communties.

TreeSisters is a UK registered social change and reforestation charity that places tropical forest restoration into everyone’s hands. Through individuals and businesses that give back to Nature every month, TreeSisters has so far funded the planting of over 19 million trees across 12 locations in Brazil, Borneo, Cameroon, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nepal and West Papua.

We fund a diverse portfolio of tropical reforestation projects that are ethical, community-led, expand natural forest cover and aim to avoid further deforestation. Our projects support local communities and improve livelihoods, protect critically endangered species, and focus on gender parity and the participation of women. They are a direct and measurable way to restore the web of life and mitigate climate change. We are actively encouraging the cultural shift required to grow from a consumer to a restorative culture. We encourage feminine leadership by providing resources, experiences and communities that inspire personal and collective action on behalf of the trees. 

To find out more head to their website –

I am incredibly proud to support the work of Tree Sisters through the work of Yogipod, for an up to date tree total check out the homepage!

Sustainability Audit

There is always more that can be done in a business to make it sustainable so please head to the Sustainability Audit to see what is currently happening and being worked on.

Any questions then drop me an email