public classes

Public Yogipod yoga classes are available in Oxfordshire and Kent. Learn from a 200 hour hatha and vinyasa registered yoga teacher in a safe, inclusive, playful environment

I believe yoga is all about embracing yourself and learning how to use your body in entirely new ways. The Yogipod style of yoga focuses on alignment through a mixture of hatha and vinyasa while being a welcoming, inclusive place of fun and experimenting on the mat. I love having fun on my mat and trying new things (even if I fall out of them) and this is how I teach. Remember we’re all on a yoga journey and we never stop learning.

Yogipod classes are ultimately welcoming, playful, challenging but relaxing and all about evolving your body and your mind.

Modifications will always be offered as we always need to listen to our own bodies and work within their limitations. I will safely guide you into postures within my sequences but it is important to remember that you are in control of your body and to what stage you practice during that particular class. This gives us all a chance to progress with our own practice at our own pace on that particular day.

Curious as to what the different classes are? Head on over to our class descriptions or always contact me to ask any questions

Above is the regular timetable, as with all timetables classes are subject to change and cancellation. The best thing to do to keep in touch is to follow the Yogipod Facebook page or drop me a message to check the class you would like to come to is running