Slow FlowFeeling a little stiff first thing in the day or needing to move at lunch time after a morning of computer stuff? Well this is the practice for you. 15 minutes of flowing movements and stretches to get into the body and out of the mind. Perfect as a warm up for other flows or as a stand alone practice

Morning Movement – The perfect wriggly yoga practice to get the body moving. Can be done at any time of day but this kind of practice is perfect for those morning bodies. Gentle movements to warm up and flow into your day

Finding Balance – gentle balances to wake up the mind and body – Balance is so much more than standing on one leg, it really is a way to switch off the fidgeting monkey mind. This simple series of balances is a perfect practice at any time of day when you feel like you may need to take some time out. Perfect for focusing and clearing the mind as well as building some strength in the body

Gentle Slow Flow – Because our practice is a bit like the weather and changes with the seasons. Right now with these grey clouds I’m craving all the slow gentle wriggles. This slow flow is perfect for when you want to move the body and gently breathe

Yoga for the shoulders and neck – A set of stretches and movements to bring a little more movement into the shoulders and neck. Perfect to release any tension from desk work or stress

Yoga for the hips – A 15 minute flow to help you wriggle into the hips. All you need is yourself, no props required.

Morning Yoga to Wake Up – The perfect way to wake your body up first thing in the morning. No props, mat or yoga leggings required. Either do in bed or roll straight onto your mat in your pj’s!