class descriptions

Discover more about yogipod yoga classes and find out which one is the style for you. With a variety of styles there is really something for everyone.

Vinyasa Flow – Thursday evening

Vinyasa means movement with breath and that is exactly what this class is. Week on week the flow will vary but also consist of moving the body with the breath. Although there can be dynamic movement within the class there are always modifications available and there will also be strength building holds of postures. Classes will usually incorporate sun salutations, standing postures, some core work and a little bit of play followed by some stretches and relaxation. A class that will build strength and challenge but also relax the body and the mind

Gentle Yoga – Friday morning

A gentle flow through yoga postures focusing on the balance of strength and flexibility. This practice will help to bring your awareness inwards as we focus on how the body feels. As well as postures we will explore other elements of yoga including breathwork and mindfulness meditation

Fun Friday Flow – Friday evening

End your week with a fun Friday flow comprising of a strong vinyasa flow, a few drills and some movement but ending with more a more chilled vibe to send you out into the weekend challenged but relaxed.  There will be a mixture of postures as well as sun salutations, vinyasa segments and some long holds to bring some heat to the body. Once the flow has moved to the floor we will be stretching it out as well as incorporating some mindfulness and relaxation. The class will be fun and there is always space for playing, trying something new and laughter.

Hatha Flow – Monday evening & Saturday morning

Hatha flow includes fluid movements and static holds of poses in order to ensure the correct alignment and safety of the body. Focusing on the age old traditions of hatha yoga this class will incorporate movement, breathwork and meditation to relax and challenge the body and mind. This class will be fun though and there is always space for playing, trying something new and laughter. Although not as cardiovascular as other forms of yoga fingers crossed you will be leaving the class warmer, leaner, looser and more relaxed!

Pregnancy Yoga – Thursday evening

Designed to both relax and strengthen the mind and body during pregnancy. Using a mixture of gentle yoga, strength building poses, relaxation techniques and breath focus. Classes will work with the changing body and mind of pregnancy while also connecting inwards with yourself and your baby.