Helping you to find your calm

Whether it be on your mat, out for a walk or curled up with a good book we all have ways of finding our calm.

Here at Yogipod I’m here to help.

Right from the beginning I wanted Yogipod to be a place to inspire calm whether through the products, writings on the journal or guiding you through your yoga practice. It may look different for us all but I hope you find a dose of it here.

Our Story

Made by hands

Founded by yoga teacher, Georgie, Yogipod products are hand block printed in Jaipur, India and sewn by Georgie here in the UK making every single piece unique

I work with a cluster organisation based in Jaipur who bring their beauty to the products with hand block printing and embroidery. The organisation works with small family workshops enabling artisans to work from home, support their families and share their beautiful craft with the world.

All products are designed with calm in mind, whether bolsters & eye pillows supporting calm in your yoga practice or homewares encouraging you to slow down in the evening.

Georgie pins together a yogipod bolster cover

Supporting at every point of the journey

Supporting not only your practice but also the community around the artisans is important to me. A value I hold dear is to not negotiate on price with these artisans, the price they quote is the price I pay.

Born by exploration

Yogipod came into being through a series of events that led Georgie to leaving her job in fashion and going travelling to clear her mind. She had already undertaken her yoga teacher training with Sally Parkes while working and hadn’t really planned on teaching so quickly. While taking some time out and travelling Georgie knew she couldn’t go back to the fast paced world of fashion and instead wanted to create a business to inspire others to take the time to slow down and find their calm. It was while wandering through the markets in Rajasthan that she rediscovered the beautiful art of block printing and knew that that had to be incorporated into the business.

Treading lightly —

The planet is our home and as a lifetime David Attenborough fan I couldn’t run a business that didn’t do its bit


Promoting slow consumption by creating beautiful, hand made pieces that last and you want to use.
Minimising deadstock by hand making the majority of products myself


Materials used are organic and recycled wherever currently possible.

Waste is minimised through careful manufacturing


All packaging is recyclable and produced from either recycled or sustainable sources.

Every order plants a tree with Tree Sisters

Meet Georgie

Hi, I’m Georgie, the founder of Yogipod, a yoga teacher and creative individual. I both teach yoga and source, curate and develop the products which make up part of Yogipod.

I come from a creative background, having previously worked in luxury fashion and now channel my creativity into my yoga teaching and running the business. 

I believe life is all about finding the balance that works for you, cultivating calm and exploration in equal measure. My aim is to help you find your calm amongst the joyful whirlwind that is life whether it be through a beautiful cushion that aids relaxation, a yoga class that gets you out of your mind and into your body or exploring something new through reading the journal.

Happy exploring

Find out more about my yoga teaching
Georgie Davies found of Yogipod sits on a sofa with a hand printed cushion

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