What is Yogipod? 

Yogipod is more of a holistic lifestyle than a brand and offer everything from yoga props and homewares to yoga classes and workshops. As well as musings on travel and life.

Our aim is to be a pod filled with yoga teachings, tools for life, bucket list travel ideas and curated artisan supporting products.

Yogipod – for you, your home and your practice

A collection of yoga props and homewares to build calm and rest into your life working on the principle that by making props beautiful they become part of your life and you’re more likely to use them.

Founded by yoga teacher, Georgie, Yogipod bolsters, eye pillows, meditation cushions and homewares are hand block printed in Jaipur, India and sewn by Georgie here in the UK making every single piece unique.

The print artisans we work with are clusters of small family businesses, enabling printers to support their families and share their beautiful craft with the world. Buckwheat filled bolsters and meditation cushions are perfect for that all important support and linseed filled eye pillows left unscented so you can drift away to your favourite scent in savasana.

And the best bit? For every Yogipod order a tree is planted with our partners Tree Sisters.

Explore your body, discover your mind, connect to your breath

Classes with Georgie are welcoming, playful, challenging but relaxing. All about evolving your body and your mind. Taught either online or in Oxfordshire come and join us.

Classes aim to be a welcoming inclusive place of fun and experimenting on the mat. A practice based on hatha and vinyasa and movement, classes are accessible and multi level.

I am a 200hr registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and was trained by Sally Parkes in London. My certification allows me to teach both in the UK and abroad and is also registered with the The Independent Yoga Network.

Meet Georgie

Hi, I’m Georgie, the founder of Yogipod, a yoga teacher and creative individual. I both teach yoga and source, curate and develop the products which make up part of Yogipod.

I come from a creative background, having previously worked in luxury fashion and am now turning that creative side towards my yoga teaching and product development.  I believe life is all about finding the balance that works for you and am just as likely to be sipping on a mojito as I am a green juice.

Why Yogipod?

Pod is actually what my dad called me growing up, evolving to Georgiepod over time so its a little reminder of the playfulness and comfort of childhood. That unending desire to discover and explore.

I try my hardest to have fun and experiment at all points in life and I love creating a fun, safe place to play, breathe and grow within my classes. So Yogipod is a place for you to grow and create your own space whether it be in your physical yoga, your mental wellbeing or creating your own pod at home.

Huge families of whales are called pod‘s and what more could anyone want in life than to be part of an extended yoga family!