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The end of the year is often a mix of emotions – the excitement of seeing friends or family over the festive period mixed in with the weariness of coming to the end of the year. Although this year hasn’t been quite as strange as 2020, it’s still been a lot for our nervous systems, brains and bodies to deal with. When we look back over the last 18 months it’s no wonder we’re all feeling a little frazzled!

So instead of dwelling on that, how can we use the season of giving to turn that frazzled feeling around? I’ve got a few ideas which would be perfect to gift to yourself or to treat a loved one to

Treat someone to your time

Do you know someone who could do with a little extra help over the festive period? Whether it be volunteering to look after a friends child for a couple of hours so they can pop out alone or have a soak in the bath, walking a neighbours dog while they’re away or giving some of your time to a charitable cause these are great ways of helping someone out who is feeling less than calm.

Not only is this a great way of helping others but the endorphins from doing so will also help you out too.

Create a Twelve Days of Christmas Calm Calendar

This would be a great present for someone you’d like to encourage to slow down but also a brilliant way of encouraging yourself to do just that. Write down 12 ways you would really like to treat yourself or look after your body and mind, put them in numbered envelopes and use these to create a Twelve Days of Christmas calendar. Creating the habit of looking after yourself is really hard and often lacks accountability. This calendar will be your accountability and will hopefully feel like a treat and help you find your calm.

Some ideas of what could fill your calendar with:

  • Go for a lunchtime walk
  • Curl up with a book for 10 minutes while dinner is cooking
  • Practice 20 minutes of yoga (you could link to an online class if sending to a friend, there’s some great options in the Yogipod Class Library)
  • Take 10 minutes to find and observe your breath
  • Use that face mask you bought ages ago and take some time to pamper yourself

Give a present that supports throughout the whole year

If you really want to buy something for a loved one have a think if you can give the gift of a product or service that will be a treat or nourishing beyond December?

There are so many subscriptions available now from skin care to books to candles, I’ve included some of my favourites in The Small Business Gift Guide. I also always think a monthly flower delivery is a lovely gift or maybe a gift voucher to your friends favourite yoga teacher.

If you’re looking for a yoga based subscription and your friend doesn’t have a favourite teacher they go to then I would recommend Movement for Modern Life (used YOGIPOD30 for 30% off), Cat Meffan’s Soul Sanctuary Membership or the Nourish Yoga Training Community Library.

Be prepared

When it comes to keeping calm around Christmas itself I always think it pays to be prepared. Have a think in advance what you can do before Christmas day itself or any other day that is making you feel less than calm.

Are there items of food you can pre-prepare and freeze?

Can you organise staggered visits or events with family and friends so they don’t all fall in the same week?

How can you plan in some time for you so that you feel nourished and looked after not burnt out and tired?

Be conscious of what you’re taking on

And finally remember it is ok to say no to things. I have a feeling the pressure to show up to events, to go all out on presents and time with family will be strong this year after a different festive period last year, but remember this time has to serve you too. If you are feeling the need to be quiet or take everything slowly that is ok. If you need to change your mind about plans, that is fine too. Be honest with friends and family if you can be, it may also be the reminder they need to slow down too.

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