Three oils to see you through the next six months

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Guest post from the lovely Jennie from Eve & Keel recommending aromatherapy oils to calm and ground

Life is strange right now. Covid has thrown our worlds into disarray and as we know, it’s not going away overnight. This means it is worth investing in some tools to keep you feeling strong, both physically and mentally. My specialty is aromatherapy so I have chosen three oils I recommend exploring to support you over the next 6 months.


An oil of strength and resilience. Sandalwood is a balancer and helps us feel grounded, safe and stable – something most of us could use right now.

DIY / adrenal supporting grounding roller blend 10ml carrier oil (e.g. sunflower, almond, jojoba) 4 drops sandalwood * sustainably sourced* 3 drops neroli 3 drops vetiver + if you have it, add a couple of drops vitamin e (this is an antioxidant and will help the blend keep longer)

aromatherapy eve and keel balance bath salts

BUY / Balance Bath Salts £33

Sandalwood is one of the key ingredients in Eve & Keel’s Balance Bath Salts. It’s an exotic blend of botanicals and natural salts created to both ground and uplift, helping you find a calm sense of balance.

Roman Chamomile

A botanical comfort blanket. Chamomile gently soothes and sedates, helping quieten busy / worried minds. If sleep is tricky for you at the moment too, chamomile a really valuable oil to befriend.

DIY / aromatherapy pillow Add a couple of drops of organic chamomile oil to your pillowcase for a sound sleep

aromatherapy eve and keel breathe balm

BUY / Breathe Balm £30

Breathe Balm is a hero product for anyone living with anxiety helping expand the airways while simultaneously calming mind and body. It’s a blend of chamomile to comfort and soothe, eucalyptus and spearmint for easy, expansive breathing and frankincense to slow and deepen the breath.


The scent of pure joy. This is my go to oil when I need a lift. It smells like holidays and sunshine, creating a feeling of much needed optimism and lightness. If the weight of what’s going on in the world is sitting heavy, I recommend weaving bergamot oil into your days.

DIY / Uplifting diffuser blend Add a few drops of bergamot and a drop of rose to your diffuser / oil burner to spread some positive energy around your home.

eve and keel joy heart chakra roller aromatherapy oil

BUY / Joy: Heart Chakra Roller £27 Bergamot is key to this joyful blend. Delicately scented along with geranium and melissa, the roller encourages us to replace fear with love and celebrate the joy in life, no matter how small. Attuning with heart chakra energy, rose quartz and aventurine crystals add an extra sense of magic. Rollers are great to combine with your yoga practice, journaling and intention setting.

Eve & Keel is a UK based aromatherapy brand run by Jennie. All of their blends and products are vegan, sustainably packaged and organic with their focus on supporting the user to stop the stress and anxiety holding them back from achieving their dreams

To discover more about Eve & Keel join Jennie on Instagram or head to the website

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