Eye Pillows – not just for savasana

Eye pillows, something you never knew you needed until you found yourself with one. We all know they are great across the eyes and great for savasana but what else can you use one for?

eye pillow resting on a hand

Adding some weight to the hands in savasana

Eye pillows are not just great over the eyes in savasana to give that calming weight. They are also great laid in the palms of your hands. This helps the hands to really relax and to not fidget.

eye pillow being used as wrist support

Achy wrists from working from home? Use as a wrist support

Lets be honest working from home is great from the fact you can roll straight from sofa to computer BUT we’re probably not set up quite as well as in the office. One of things I always find aching at the end of a day of emails is my wrist which is were fashioning a makeshift wrist support comes in! Fold an eye pillow in half and hey presto, supported and non achy wrists.

Heat up and use to soothe a tired achy neck

Did you know you can heat up an eye pillow to use as a soothing heat pack? As with heating any item up please do this carefully and test the heat with your hand before placing over the eyes or onto the neck.

If you have the time a lovely way to heat the eye pillow up is just to pop it onto the radiator. If time isn’t on your side then the microwave can help. Heat up in cycles of 10 seconds for no more than 30 seconds in total and you should get a warm eye pillow, perfect to place onto the aching parts of your body. My favourite is to place either on my lower back or on the back of my neck.

eye pillow laid on a bed

Let it help you sleep

Using an eye pillow in bed over the eyes can be a lovely way to relax, just like in savasana but it can also be a great way to get scent into your bedroom. Pop a couple of drops of your favourite sleepy essential oil onto the cover and place on your pillow next to you.

My favourite essential oil for just this is the Kentish Hop and Lavender Sleepy Scent from The Hop Shop at Castle Farm. The addition of hops makes it so comforting.

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