Coping at home

Ok, first a disclaimer I am not in any way saying I am the perfect model of coping right now. It is definitely up and down, a bit like an isolation rollercoaster! But having worked from home with only myself as accountability for quite a while I’ve definitely learnt some tips that might just help!

Get dressed – properly!

Well at least out of your PJ’s. You can totally still be in comfies rather than a suit but I find changing my clothes so I have an “at work” outfit and a “relaxing in the evening outfit” is such a good way to switch my brain off. I know it can be some tempting to be in PJ’s all day long but trust me, this really helps with mindset and being able to switch off.

Stick to some sort of routine

Obviously you don’t need to factor your commute time into your morning anymore but still try to have some routine to the day. Break for lunch, properly away from your desk, build some movement into your evening. However it works for you, try and have some immovable dates with yourself to help create some structure to the day.

Take a moment to breathe every day

Sounds simple right? It really is, but how may of us truly consciously breathe? If everything is feeling a little bit much close your eyes, place one hand on your heart and one on your belly and watch your breath. Don’t try and control it, listen to the rhythm and feel the movement of your body.

If you would like to follow a breath practice click here for some guided breath practices I’ve videoed

Practice gratitude

A gratitude practice is a lovely thing to cultivate regardless of the situation but I think right now when we’re all consuming more news and media than usual it is especially important. It really is no more complicated than making a list of those things that you are grateful for. The only problem I sometimes face with this is that I feel everything should be significant but often it is the most insignificant things that bring us the most joy.

So grab a piece of paper, a pencil and make a list. Mine right now off the top of my head are:

  1. The fact tea is a thing and it is so so good
  2. Being able to look out of the window into the garden
  3. Technology for connecting me to everyone I love in this strange time

Set timers if you’re becoming distracted

Let’s be honest home has so many more distractions when you’re trying to do something, whether that be working, home schooling or practicing yoga. I’ve recently started to use a timer to not only make more productive at getting tasks done but also to lock my phone so I can’t mindlessly scroll. For making myself more productive I often just use an egg timer, set it for an hour and see how much of my to do list I can do in that time. To stop myself mindlessly scrolling I use the app Forest. This grows a virtual tree for the entire length of your timer and for each tree that grows you are rewarded in coins which you can then spend on planting real trees!

Be kind to yourself

It can be hard when it seems everyone and their dog is learning a new language or working out in endless creative ways but remember you don’t need to and if you’re seeing these things on social media it is just a highlight reel anyway. Instead of beating yourself up, use this as an opportunity to really and truly tune into yourself and do what will make you feel better, not what you think will. It is not giving up but instead listening to the natural rhythms of this rollercoaster we are all on.

Create a playlist of your favourites

You know that song that always makes you want to jump up and down. As well as the song that always gives you those gooey “in love” feelings. Pop them all in a playlist so that they are there when you need to dance and also there when you feel like a hug.

If you fancy a premade dance part playlist I absolutely adore this one from Dolly Alderton, catchily named Pandemic at the Disco!

Move your body in some way

Possibly linked to the playlist above but make sure you move your body in some way. This could be a dance party first thing, super gentle yoga, a run or anything else that takes your fancy. Just make sure you come at that movement from a place of love rather than hate. Movement and exercise is not a punishment for your body, it’s a gift.

If you’d like to follow a yoga class I have an ever growing library of short practices right HERE ready and waiting for you

If you have any ways you;re coping that you’d like to share please pop them in the comments below

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