The Yoga at Home Guide – mats, props, space – how to make it work

practicing yoga at home

Ok, so we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation and suddenly we are not only working from home but our yoga practice has had to switch to the home too. So how do we practice yoga at home?

What do you need to practice from home?

In all honesty, nothing. You really do need nothing to practice from home. No fancy yoga leggings. No mat. No props. You totally can do it in your PJ’s on your living room floor and it will be ok.

But if you would like to buy a mat or any other props these are my recommendations.

Yoga Mats

When selecting a yoga mat material, thickness and cost are the things to think about. A lot of the cheaper yoga mats out there are PVC which isn’t very planet friendly so I would say if you can afford to consider an eco friendly mat. Regarding thickness it really does depend on your body. Personally I like a mat approximately 4mm thick as it is not too thick for balancing postures but gives enough wrist and knee padding when needed.

Yogi Bare is my go to for yoga mats, blocks and other props. Currently they have some offers on to help everyone with home practice. Eco friendly, planting trees and supporting charities with mat sales too. Currently the code CONNECTION will give 10% off purchases and there are other home practice bundle offers too. I love the PAWS mat but the teddy mats are also gorgeous with their printed designs.

Willow Yoga also do beautiful printed yoga mats and yoga towels which could be perfect for a home practice.

Yoga Matters are also a great place for yoga mats. Personally I have the Sticky Yoga Mats which I teach group classes on. These are really affordable but not eco friendly like the above options. They do also have their own eco mat range too which is worth checking out.


Again props can be worked around and are not hugely necessary but these are the most common that you will come across and that you may like to have at home.

Yoga straps – a long length of webbing usually with a D-Ring to enable you to make a loop. For most styles of yoga this will only be used to make your arms a little longer so a dressing gown tie/scarf would do the job. If you would like to invest then Yogi Bare, Yoga Matters and Ekotex Yoga do good ones

Yoga Blocks – either foam or cork these bricks or blocks are great for making postures more accessible. Depending on what you are being asked to use a block for you could always substitute for a thick book (think dictionary). I would recommend either Yogi Bare or Ekotex Yoga for blocks as they are eco friendly

Yoga Bolsters – A yoga bolster is not an essential unless you are practicing yin or restorative yoga a lot. They can often be substituted with a rolled duvet or blanket but they are also a lovely addition to a practice if you wanted to add it. Discover our range of yoga bolsters and don’t forget to sign up to the mailing list for 10% off your first order


Scent may not seem like the most important thing but when anxiety or stress levels are a little higher scent can really help. I am by no means a scent expert but some of my favourite businesses for this are Root and Flower (the mist I use in every class), Fisical Mind and Body, Revkah Aromatherapy and Littlemore Candle Company

Where to practice at home

This is going to be such a personal one depending on your circumstances and the space available to you. But these would be my guidelines to make your practice as relaxed as possible

  • Somewhere with a door that you can close to escape the rest of the house
  • Enough floor space so that there is a little bit of space around the edges of your mat if you can. Depending on the style of yoga you might be taking legs wide or stepping off your mat occasionally so this just stops you colliding with walls, bedside tables or lamps!
  • Somewhere with either natural light or soft light. Lighting can be such a key part of relaxing the mind so try turning the lights down low and pop some fairy lights on if it’s the evening. Embrace the natural light during the day.

What to practice

Self practice – A self practice can seem a little overwhelming if you’re used to being in a class format but I really do suggest popping on some music and just moving your body. Have a little wiggle around and chances are some yoga postures you are used to practicing in class will probably come out anyway

Guided practice – there are loads of great online yoga teachers which I actually wrote about recently so if you are wanting some guided practice check them out.

I’m also beginning to offer live and pre-recorded online classes so please do have a read of what I am offering

I really hope that has been helpful. Any questions as ever please pop them below or drop me an email

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