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Sometimes life just gets in the way doesn’t it and we just can’t make it to our favourite yoga studio and usual class. So what to do when this happens? How about practicing yoga online?

I think online classes are amazing and although they won’t replace being in the room with other students and a teacher they will get your body moving, your breath slowing and your mind quietening. But who to use? Well I thought I would round up my favourite places to find yoga classes online, both free and subscription based.

Please also have a read of the 2021 update to this blog – Practicing Yoga Online – Support Small – which draws attention to lots of amazing individual teachers who now have an online teaching presence.

Cat Meffan – Youtube and Soul Sanctuary Subscription

I’ve followed Cat Meffan online for a long time now and have practiced with her in person too and I love her teachings. Normally quite vinyasa based she has a huge archive of flows on her Youtube but also has a subscription based online presence in her Soul Sanctuary. Although vinyasa is Cat’s main style of teaching she also has lovely more restorative practices as well as pose breakdowns. The Soul Sanctuary is also now home to Yoganuary, Cat’s yearly January yoga challenge.

Cat Meffan Yoga
Image courtesy of catmeffan.com

I think Cat’s Youtube is a great place to start, especially if you’re a beginner to yoga. If you’re looking to deepen your practice then maybe give the Soul Sanctuary Membership a go. The Facebook group for the membership is a really uplifting place on the internet and super supportive too.

Flow with Cat Meffan on Youtube

Find out more about the Soul Sanctuary Membership

Movement for Modern Life – Subscription

Movement for Modern Life is the membership I currently have, mainly due to the huge range of teachers and styles that are available. The practices vary in length which means I can always find something to suit. There are series available to deepen particular practices. I’ve had a membership for the past six months and have really loved practicing with their flows.

Movement for Modern life say themselves:

Let the yoga studio come to you! Movement for Modern Life, the ‘Netflix of Yoga’ (Vogue)  have teamed up with the very best teachers in yoga, inspired movement and mindfulness brought right into your home, in your time. No need to get out of your pyjamas to get your daily dose of yoga. Enjoy unlimited access to thousands of videos, challenges and courses plus our supportive community, on our mission to live a happier, healthier and more sustainable life.  With classes from just 2 minutes to 90 minutes and ranging from gentle yogayoga to help you sleep, or for those more fitness minded, check out our core challenge where you’ll find classes to challenge even the fittest practitioner, our yoga for athletes is great to help you to stretch out pre or post workout and our Yin yoga classes are just perfect for doing in your PJ’s to stretch out and get healthy for a great night’s sleep.

Movement for Modern Life

Movement for Modern Life have a 14 day free trial where you can try as much as you want for free!

If you’re ready to subscribe I’m very excited to say the code YOGIPOD30 will get you 30% off of your subscription.

Discover Movement for Modern Life for yourself

Akhanda Yoga Online – Subscription

Akhanda Yoga is the style of yoga that I practiced when in yoga staying at Anand Prakash. This is a more traditional style of practice than the vinyasa classes we are often used to in the west but it is so beautiful. I love practicing like this when I’m in India so it’s nice to bring this practice home with me.

Their online offering includes full Akhanda yoga classes, including breathwork, asana poses, meditation and chanting as well as specific meditation and breathwork technique videos. There are also cooking classes and philosophy discussions!

Akhanda Yoga Online
image courtesy of akhandayoga.com/

Like a lot of the online subscription offerings Akhanda Yoga offer a free trials before you subscribe. Akhanda Yoga offer a free 40 day yoga challenge if you sign up to their newsletter.

Discover Akhanda Yoga Online for yourself

There are also some flows for free on the Akhanda Yoga Youtube Channel

Yoga Girl – Subscription

I’m not sure you can have been around yoga online without coming across Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl. Although she doesn’t share much of her practice herself anymore, the Yoga Girl online platform has a large collection of practices from a variety of teachers.

I was a subscriber of the platform when it was 108, before the Yoga Girl rebranding and really liked it. I only stopped because I was able to get to more in person classes and couldn’t do both. Like Movement for Modern Life there is a huge variety of teachers and styles which is great for a varied practice.

Yoga Girl
image courtesy of www.yogagirl.com

Yoga Girl has a 10 day free trial so you can give it a go before you sign up

Discover Yoga Girl for yourself

Yoga with Adriene – Youtube

A big name in the online yoga world but that’s for a very good reason. Adriene covers pretty much every basis when it comes to physical yoga. Whatever style or practice you are craving Adriene probably has something for you. There are also challenges to keep your practice moving on.

Yoga with Adriene
image courtesy of yogawithadriene.com/

Totally free and easily accessible on Youtube this is the perfect way to either start practicing yoga if you’re a beginner or finding an online practice that works for you

Discover Yoga with Adriene for yourself

Find some inspiration on Instagram

Instagram, it can be a bit of a love/hate relationship right? There are some really lovely inspirational people on there sharing some gorgeous yoga content though.

I’ve popped a few of my favourites below:

Somewhat Rad – real life home yoga practice, really gorgeous flows

David Kam – all the wriggles and playtime vibes – also available on Movement for Modern Life

Naomi Absalom – breath practices and lovely off the mat wriggles – also available on Movement for Modern Life

Charlotte Temple – great pose breakdowns and tutorials

I’d love to know if you have any other recommendations for online yoga. If you do please pop them in the comments below

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