An adventure close to home

If you’re a subscriber to the newsletter you’ll know by now that planning an adventure is one my ways to survive the cold dark months. Now an exotic adventure is always a fun thing to plan but recently I’ve become completely enamoured with the close to home adventure. The one where you don’t need to get on a plane, can cook for yourself and totally switch off.

Ever since I got offline in the summer I had been craving a cosy autumnal get away too. Running your own business it can be difficult to get away but these tiny slices of adventure are just the right thing to keep my wanderlust grounded.

So in October I headed not far from where I grew up to a tiny slice of heaven that I’ve visited for a long time but never had the chance to stay at – Elmley Nature Reserve

Elmley is in North Kent on the Isle of Sheppey. A privately owned nature reserve, the only nature reserve you can spend the night on in the UK. I’ve loved it for years for the sheer wildness, huge open skies and bird watching so spending the night there as a belated birthday treat was a dream come true.

Elmley’s four hides and expansive wilderness give you the perfect opportunity to put your phone down and pick up your binoculars. There are waterfowl and waders aplenty with also the possibility to see barn owls, marsh harriers and hares. You can totally lose yourself in the huge vistas and it’s the most perfect place to switch off.

What makes Elmley extra special is that you can stay there too. The accommodation is a mix of shepherds huts, a cottage and a farmhouse. All as cosy and stylish as each other and the perfect way to switch off. We stayed in the Ferryman’s, a gorgeous shepherds hut positioned with breathtaking views out of the floor to ceiling windows. There really is no need for any other entertainment with views like that.

The hut was beautifully furnished with a double bed, cute shower room, ships oven and hob and somewhere to sit and eat. Perfect for a cosy night in. There’s also a lovely, sheltered patio with a fire pit that we eventually got lit with the matches in the wind! Truly an adventure where you feel like the only ones on the planet.

We cooked for ourselves but Elmley also give you the option of homecooked dinner to be delivered to your hut or even a special meal in their gorgeous Victorian barn which has even more of those gorgeous views.

Getting in touch with nature is such an important way for me to switch off. I find it is the only thing that truly works every time. You can’t get more natural than this experience.

The best bit though? Waking up to the most phenomenal sunrise! (Definitely a reason to go in the autumn or winter when you won’t have to wake up as early!)

If you would like to find out more about staying at or visiting Elmley head on over to their website

Where are you heading off to on an adventure soon? Any UK tips for short breaks please pop them in the comments below and lets all inspire each other

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