Slow Down Sunday

If you follow Yogipod on Instagram you’ll be familiar with Slow Down Sunday already. It’s your permission to take 5 minutes out of your day and give some restorative yoga or meditation a go.

If you’re after some ideas of how to slow your Sunday down how about giving these restorative postures a go.

legs up the wall
Legs Up The Wall


1. Pop your bolster pretty close to the wall and wriggle your hips up onto it
2. Let you legs reach up the wall and either balance some eye pillows onto your feet or get someone else pop them on for a little weighting
3. Settle the rest of your body down onto the floor, shoulder blades flat
4. Close your eyes, notice your breath and let yourself relax

One of my absolute favourite restorative postures!
Let me know if you give it a go. It can also be done without a bolster under your hips

restorative pigeon pose
Restorative Pigeon


1. Come to a low lunge and nestle the bolster under your hips
2. Bring your right foot in towards the bolster so it tucks over towards your left hand. Keep the foot tucked in as much as necessary to lessen pressure on the knee
3. Let the hips settle down onto the bolster and extend the back leg either straight or with a bend in the knee towards the bolster which would bring you to more of a stag leg position
4. If comfortable to come to rest onto the forearms and bring the forehead to rest onto blocks or the floor
5. Take some deep breaths and let the body settle, repeat on the other side

reclined twist yoga pose
Reclined Side Laying Pose


1. Sit on the floor and pop your bolster close to the side of the hip
2. Bring your legs to a “stag leg” position with both knees bent, the underneath leg to the side and the top leg with the knee pointing to the end of your mat.
3. Keeping the bolster side on lay the side of your body down onto the bolster which can also be propped up on blocks to lessen the fold
4. Let the arms rest wherever is comfortable, let your eyes close and breathe

What to use as props

If you don’t have a bolster don’t worry. Rolled up blankets and towels work well as does a pile of cushions. The main thing? To get your body into a position that is comfortable so you can focus on your breath and let yourself relax for as long as you have spare

If you’d like to treat yourself to a bolster head on over to the shop

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