Getting Offline

In this ever increasingly frantic world it came seem like we don’t have time to switch off. We don’t have time to relax. There is always something to be done. Someone to see. Somewhere to be

BUT if we live consistently in this world of being switched on it is only a matter of time before it all becomes too much and burn out hits.

Trust me, it happened to me

Working for yourself is the most amazing, rewarding thing and I am so glad that I do but boundaries are not something I am necessarily great at. I find it difficult to switch and am definitely a people pleaser so everyone else’s welfare comes way before mine.

After the most incredible summer with the business though I knew I needed to get away. Be by myself . Read a book with no distractions. Turn my phone off. Eat good food. Walk. Experience. Breathe

That is exactly what I did, and this is what I learnt.

The world will not implode if you turn your phone off

I think due to being a people pleaser and generally quite worried about friends and family a lot of the time I am always a little unsure about being out of contact. But I knew that if I left my phone on while I was away I wouldn’t actually relax. So off it went and you know what it was delightful. It was so nice to break the habit of being controlled by notifications. Getting rid of the idea of having to check in with people and actually just being really present.

Conversations with strangers are gold

Due to not having my phone on it meant I actually sat in cafes and bars and people watched. This meant I made eye contact with strangers. Passed the time of day with other walkers. And actually had conversations with people on the table next to me (mainly about their dogs). These little conversations but true connections were so soul nourishing.

Taking photos with a camera is so much nicer than your phone

Before I went away I treated myself to an actual grown up camera. I’ve always loved photography but have only really had a point and shoot digital for quote a while and was always pretty disappointed by the photos I took on it. So having a camera with actual settings and a proper zoom was so much fun to play with and so much nicer than using your phone.

Silence is actually really lovely

Sitting in silence used to scare me. I always thought it would be when darker thoughts would take over. But actually sitting in silence in my Air BnB watching the sunset was delightful. Also because my only stimulation had been art, nature and literature it meant my mind was quiet too. There was no work stress floating around.

A book is the best dinner date

It doesn’t want to try and of your food. It doesn’t leave conversations hanging. And most importantly it doesn’t care if you have that extra glass of wine! Honestly though sitting with a book while I ate meant I ate slower and actually enjoyed the subtleties of flavour. I didn’t wolf all my food down. I could also really enjoy my book, the two just went together so well.

Shipping containers are actually really comfy!

I’ve been unsure whether to share this because it feels like my secret. But I honestly think I have found the most perfect place to run away and switch off. If you promise not to all book it out constantly then the link is below.

Honestly the most gorgeous, cosy, off grid place I could have hoped for. With added cows and sea view. What more could you want?

Your neighbours

Sssssh it’s a secret

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