what is vinyasa yoga?

Vinyasa is movement to breath and is a fluid yoga practice moving from one posture to another in a sequence. The sequence is not the same from week to week unlike Bikram and Ashtanga meaning if you want to raise your heart rate, work your body and engage your mind in a different weekly practice, vinyasa would be great. Modifications will always be given so everyone is working at their own level but vinyasa is the cardio of the yoga world and you will get a bit of a ‘glow’ on!

In addition the benefits of yoga include:
– increased flexibility and muscle strength and tone
– a greater understanding of your body
– low impact but effective exercise
– helps maintain good posture
– by taking joints through their full range of movement it helps keep them healthy
– can help boost your immune system
– great for encouraging focusing of the mind and relaxation
– encourages full breaths improving respiration

And most importantly it encourages self care and self awareness, building a better awareness of the physical and mental body

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